Matthew Kernan

Photo on Pichincha, Ecuador. 

Throughout my life, I have always had an instinctive affinity for the outdoors. Whether it be trips to the Grand Canyon or Yosemite National Park, places emanating with imposing beauty have always felt like home.

Over the last four years studying Economics at Northeastern University, I stumbled into a new arena in which to better explore the raw corners of the world: mountaineering. I love this sport for the duality of the experience. I am able to witness some of the most spectacular places on earth, but only after having fought and suffered for the privilege. The singularity of focus I experience in the higher altitudes leaves me with a profound sense of perspective when I return. 

I have been fortunate enough to climb throughout three continents over the past four years, including incredible expeditions in Alaska, Washington State, Ecuador, Argentina and Russia. My goal is to climb the Seven Summits, the highest peak on each continent. I was fortunate enough to reach the top of Mt. Everest this past Spring.


You may have more, but you’ve never arrived. You want to be uncommon amongst uncommon people.
— David Goggins
My fiancé and I on the summit of Mt. Rainier.

My fiancé and I on the summit of Mt. Rainier.