Everest Training Update 2

Took advantage of the nicer weather recently in Boston and decided to train at the Harvard Stadium. I wear a 25 pound weight vest and run for around 2 hours (or as long as I can hack it) and then transition to speed walking up the steps. It is far nicer than the mindless workouts on the stair stepper indoors. Heading home to gather gear to bring back this week and will share some photos and tips soon. 

Todays music: I was feeling the techno and have been blasting Glitch Mob. 


Everest Training Update 1


Typical training day: 40 lbs on my back, 5 hours on the stairs. There comes a point mentally where music just doesn't cut it and you have to be stimulated somehow. I listen to endless books on tape or podcasts so I can at least learn something while I am working out. T-5 weeks to launch. 

Today's Podcast: Joe Rogan interview with David Goggins (ex navy seal and one hell of an inspiring guy)